WALT: Write a sensory poem

Lucas P has really impressed with his writing today. He has wrote a super sensory poem, have a read below:

On the beach I heard seagulls. Eek! Eek!
On the beach I tasted an ice-lolly. Lick! Lick!
On the beach I felt the cold, beautiful water.
On the beach I tasted amazing fish and chips. Yummy! Yummy!
On the beach I saw salt in the water. Splash! Splash!
On the beach I smelt the sticky sand. Crunch! Crunch!

WALT: Write a sensory poem

Today in literacy we have been writing sensory poems. Lots of children worked really hard on the poems and produced some fantastic work. Have a read below of this super sensory poem.

On the beach I tasted a yummy ice-cream. Yum! Yum!
On the beach I saw some seagulls on the tree. Ha! Ha!
On the beach I smelt some ice-cream. Delicious! Delicious!
On the beach I saw some children splashing in a puddle on the sand. Splash! Splash!

Acrostic poem

I have been really impressed in literacy recently with Dominic’s writing. Today he has wrote another super acrostic poem. Have a read below:

I am eating a lovely ice lolly.
Creamy toppings.
Everybody loves them.

Lollies are gorgeous.
On top of my ice lolly there is yummy toppings.
Like eating them.
Lovely flavours.
Young people buy them.


Larna’s Independent Writing

In our independent writing yesterday we had to describe a trip to the seaside. Larna worked really hard in her writing and thought of some super ideas. She remembered to include different time connectives to sequence the events and she even included exclamation marks. Have a read of her super work below:

First I went on a fast roller coaster but I felt sick! Next I was dizzy. After that I had an ice cream. My brain got froozen!



Seaside acrostic poems

This week in literacy we have been focusing on looking at seaside poems. We have had a go at writing our own acrostic poems about seaside objects. Read Dominic’s super acrostic poem about a deck chair below:

Does flips when it closes
Every colour you could imagine
Colourful colours
Kills you because it hurts when it closes on you

Heavy to carry
It stands with sticks
Right time to pack away my deck chair